Thibault Varin

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Ward's method is extensively used for clustering chemical structures represented by 2D fingerprints. This paper compares Ward clusterings of 14 datasets (containing between 278 and 4332 molecules) with those obtained using the Székely-Rizzo clustering method, a generalization of Ward's method. The clusters resulting from these two methods were evaluated by(More)
Identification of meaningful chemical patterns in the increasing amounts of high-throughput-generated bioactivity data available today is an increasingly important challenge for successful drug discovery. Herein, we present the scaffold network as a novel approach for mapping and navigation of chemical and biological space. A scaffold network represents the(More)
The main goal of high-throughput screening (HTS) is to identify active chemical series rather than just individual active compounds. In light of this goal, a new method (called compound set enrichment) to identify active chemical series from primary screening data is proposed. The method employs the scaffold tree compound classification in conjunction with(More)
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