Thibault Charpentier

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Silicate glasses are durable materials, but are they sufficiently durable to confine highly radioactive wastes for hundreds of thousands years? Addressing this question requires a thorough understanding of the mechanisms underpinning aqueous corrosion of these materials. Here we show that in silica-saturated solution, a model glass of nuclear interest(More)
BACKGROUND Disordered compounds are crucially important for fundamental science and industrial applications. Yet most available methods to explore solid-state material properties require ideal periodicity, which, strictly speaking, does not exist in this type of materials. The supercell approximation is a way to imply periodicity to disordered systems while(More)
Safe management of high level nuclear waste is a worldwide significant issue for which vitrification has been selected by many countries. There exists a crucial need for improving our understanding of the ageing of the glass under irradiation. While external irradiation by ions provides a rapid simulation of damage induced by alpha decays, short lived(More)
On the polarization of chiral main-chain liquid–crystalline elastomers " Eur. Phys. Nonorthogonal projective positive-operator-value measurement of photon polarization states with unit probability of success " Phys. Weak measurement of the arrival times of single photons and pairs of entangled photons " Phys.Linear optics implementation of weak values in(More)
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