Thibault Bautze

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Today's manufacturing and assembly systems have to be flexible to adapt quickly to an increasing number and variety of products, and changing market volumes. To manage these dynamics, several production concepts (e.g., flexible, reconfigurable, changeable or autonomous manufacturing and assembly systems) were proposed and partly realized in the past years.(More)
Laser beam welding is the method of choice for the high-quality joining of materials. However, for industrial production these systems have to be set up and calibrated manually with much effort. Our objective is to apply intelligent data processing that results in a cognitive technical system that can learn how to weld, speed up the configuring process, and(More)
When processing materials with laser beams, strong radiations and emissions occur, requiring a robust but accurate sensor system. Therefore, multiple sensors, such as an intelligently focusing camera, acoustic sensors and photodiodes, are integrated into a cognitive technical system using Artificial Neural Networks and other techniques for learning how to(More)
Even though widely used, laser beam welding faces a strong demand for improved monitoring and control capabilities. In this work the occurring focal shift which leads to faulty welding results will be explained. An approach is taken to monitor this effect caused by the heading of the optics. By means of a camera sharing the same optical components as the(More)
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