Thibaud Jamin

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INTRODUCTION Both exercise and hypoxia affect human ability to estimate time, an alteration thought to be induced by changes in subjects' level of arousal. Apnea induces cardiovascular changes and a decrease in oxygen uptake that indicate changes in physiological arousal. We tested time estimation (TE) during brief periods of voluntary apnea. We(More)
BY Y. POMEAU, T. JAMIN, M. LE BARS*, P. LE GAL AND B. AUDOLY Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, École Normale Supérieure, 24 rue Lhomond, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France Institut de Recherche sur les Phénomènes Hors Équilibre, UMR 6594, CNRS and Aix-Marseille Université, 49 rue F. Joliot-Curie, BP146, 13384 Marseille Cedex 13, France Laboratoire de(More)
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