Thian Yew Gan

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Naphthenic acids, NAs (classical formula C(n)H(2n+z)O(2), where n is the carbon numbers, z represents zero or negative even integers), found in oil sands process waters (OSPWs), are toxic to aquatic environments depending upon several factors such as pH, salinity, molecular size and chemical structure of NAs. Among various available methods, biodegradation(More)
Climate change exerts great influence on streamflow by changing precipitation, temperature, snowpack and potential evapotranspiration (PET), while human activities in a watershed can directly alter the runoff production and indirectly through affecting climatic variables. However, to separate contribution of anthropogenic and natural drivers to observed(More)
This is the first textbook to address all the components of the Earth's cryosphere – all forms of snow and ice, both terrestrial and marine. It provides a concise but comprehensive summary of cryospheric processes for courses at upper undergraduate and graduate level in environmental science, geography, geology, glaciology, hydrology, water resource(More)
Wavelet-based empirical orthogonal function ͑WEOF͒ analysis was used to analyze the nonstationary spatial, temporal, and frequency regimes of the regional variability in southern African summer ͑October–March͒ rainfall. The leading modes of rainfall variability were then used to establish associations with gridded scale-averaged wavelet power of the sea(More)
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