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Recently, biometric security has become the major study to address biometric template security and user privacy. In this research, we focus on minutiae based fingerprint template protection. At the local level, two most prominent ridge characteristics of fingerprint, namely ridge termination and ridge bifurcation are detected to form minutia point(More)
This version includes a detailed description of the proposed method and a concrete demonstration on security and privacy through experiments. Abstract With the wide deployment of biometric authentication systems, several issues pertaining security and privacy of the biometric template have gained great attention from the research community. To resolve these(More)
Due to privacy concern on the widespread use of biometric authenti-cation systems, biometric template protection has gained great attention in the biometric research recently. It is a challenging task to design a biometric template protection scheme which is anonymous, revocable and noninvertible while maintaining acceptable performance. Many methods have(More)
This paper outlines a novel biometric key release scheme to bind application-specific key from biometric data such that the key can be retrieved effectively by using Discrete-Hashing and Reed Solomon Block Coding (RSB). We use fingerprint as a subject of study and our experiment shows that the proposed method could retrieve an error free key reliably from a(More)