Thian Song Ong

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Recently, biometric security has become the major study to address biometric template security and user privacy. In this research, we focus on minutiae based fingerprint template protection. At the local level, two most prominent ridge characteristics of fingerprint, namely ridge termination and ridge bifurcation are detected to form minutia point(More)
With the wide deployment of biometric authentication systems, several issues pertaining security and privacy of the biometric template have gained great attention from the research community. To resolve these issues, a number of biometric template protection methods have been proposed. However, the design of a template protection method to satisfy four(More)
With the growing concern for secure and private information protection, several issues pertaining to the traditional biometric authentication system such as the reissuance of biometric template and template security have been raised. To resolve these limitations, many new concepts of revocable biometrics have been introduced. However, the design of a(More)
Keystroke dynamics refers to a user’s habitual typing characteristics. These typing characteristics are believed to be unique among large populations. In this paper, we present a novel keystroke dynamic recognition system by using a fusion method. Firstly, we record the dwell time and the flight time as the feature data. We then calculate their mean and(More)
In this paper, we propose a multimodal biometrics system that combines fingerprint and palmprint features to overcome several limitations of unimodal biometrics—such as the inability to tolerate noise, distorted data and etc.—and thus able to improve the performance of biometrics for personal verification. The quality of fingerprint and(More)
Due to privacy concern on the widespread use of biometric authentication systems, biometric template protection has gained great attention in the biometric research recently. It is a challenging task to design a biometric template protection scheme which is anonymous, revocable and noninvertible while maintaining acceptable performance. Many methods have(More)
Online handwritten signature has been widely used for identity verification. However, it suffers from large intra-class variation problem as individual’s signature may deviate from time to time due to variations in signing position, signature size, writing surface, and other factors. In addition, signatures are easier to forge than other biometrics(More)