Thiago de Souza Rodrigues

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A large number of unclassified sequences is still found in public databases, which suggests that there is still need for new investigations in the area. In this contribution, we present a methodology based on Artificial Neural Networks for protein functional classification. A new protein coding scheme, called here Extended-Sequence Coding by Sliding(More)
Acute leukemia classification into its myeloid and lymphoblastic subtypes is usually accomplished according to the morphology of the tumor. Nevertheless, the subtypes may have similar histopathological appearance, making screening procedures difficult. In addition, approximately one-third of acute myeloid leukemias are characterized by aberrant cytoplasmic(More)
A new scheme for representing proteins of different lengths in number of amino acids that can be presented to a fixed number of inputs Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) speel-out classification is described. K-Means’s clustering of the new vectors with subsequent classification was then possible with the dimension reduction technique Principal Component(More)
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