Thiago S. M. C. de Farias

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—We introduce a parallel algorithm to solve approximate and exact nearest neighbor queries on the GPU, exploiting its massively parallel processing power. Both data structure construction and nearest neighbor queries are performed on the GPU, avoiding memory copies from system memory to device memory. This algorithm achieves real-time performance, enabling(More)
Single processor technology has been evolving across last decades, but due to physical limitations of chip manufacturing process, the industry is pursuing alternatives to sustain computational power growth, including the creation of multi-core systems. Parallel computing targets problems that are scalable and possibly distributed, dividing the problem into(More)
—Current GPU computational power enables the execution of complex and parallel algorithms, such as Ray Tracing techniques supported by kD-trees for 3D scene rendering in real time. This work describes in detail the study and implementation of five different kD-Tree traversal algorithms using the parallel framework NVIDIA Compute Unified Device Architecture(More)
This paper presents the Augmented Ambient project that aims to construct a highly interactive mobility scenario based on augmented reality applications running on heterogeneous multimedia devices. Mobility is made available through ambient networks, which are dynamic computer networks. A case study has been performed about a virtual museum, where users join(More)
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