Thiago Robis de Oliveira

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES management of pain in painful blind eyes is still a challenge. Corticosteroids and hypotensive agents, as well as evisceration and enucleation, are some of the strategies employed so far that are not always effective and, depending on the strategy, cause a deep emotional shock to the patient. Given these issues, the aim of this(More)
DC microgrid applications normally use Distributed Energy Storage Systems (DESS) to smooth out energy balance due to the non-dispatchable characteristics of renewable resources. Since the State of Charge (SoC) of each energy storage unit (ESU) can differ significantly SoC based adaptive droop control methods for SoC equalization has been proposed in(More)
In the present paper the modeling and control of a Dual Active Bridge (DAB) converter with input and output filters for energy storage systems (ESS) applied to DC microgrids has been described. The small-signal equivalent models are derived from the averaged circuit of the converter. Since the DAB converter with filters exhibit distinct transfer functions(More)
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