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Realizations of demanding applications particularly in the field of mobile communications often require processing performance which is far beyond what is delivered by DSPs today. To avoid designing inflexible ASIC solutions a powerful, highly parallel DSP core for System-on-Chip domains is presented in this paper. Targeted for a wireless OFDM based modem(More)
Terrestrial digital video broadcasting (DVB-T) is currently being introduced in many European countries and planned to supplement or replace current analogue broadcasting schemes in a large part of the world. It is also considered as an additional downlink medium for third generation UMTS mobile telephones, where a special variant, DVB-H, is under(More)
The automotive industry is one of the most important sectors in Brazilian's economy and all over the world. Recently, this industry has been forced to improve the performance of their produced vehicles and to reduce their costs. One of the landmarks of this transformation was the development of the oxygen sensor, which is one of the main elements of the(More)
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