Thiago R.L Romero

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OBJECTIVES To determine the effect of amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) on persistent corneal epithelial defects (PEDs) and to compare the efficacy between inlay and overlay techniques. METHODS Thirty patients (30 eyes) underwent AMT for PED. The use of AMT was restricted to patients in whom all previous measures, including bandage contact lens and(More)
Objective: Using a non-inflammatory model of hyperalgesia, this study investigated the participation of α1 and β adrenoceptors and opioid receptor subtypes in xylazine-induced peripheral antinociception in this event. Materials & Methods: Nociceptive threshold was measured using the rat pressure test in animals that were injected with prostaglandin E2,(More)
Orofacial pain is pain perceived in the face and/or oral cavity, generally caused by diseases or disorders of regional structures, by dysfunction of the nervous system, or through referral from distant sources. Treatment of orofacial pain is mainly pharmacological, but it has increased the number of reports demonstrating great clinical results with the use(More)
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