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2.3 Dead in Absentia: the lack of a female Hollywood character
Dead in Absentia is a Latin expression that dates from the nineteen century and it is nowadays used by lawyers and judges to pronounce a person’s death even if a body hasn’t been found. In absentia
A humble introduction on music videos of Turkish immigrants : Case study # 1 :
The Turkish immigration that started on 30 October 1961 began a hybridity in German culture. Second and third generation Turks grew up in Germany created an underground cultural wave, which combines
Punk and museum: notes about the exposition 'Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses'
In this article, we considered how the exhibition ‘Nirvana: Taking Punk To The Masses’, held in Brazil in 2017, helps to think about the possible tensions of the relationship between punk and museum.
1.3 Gendered participation in 1970’s punk in Finland: Lack of female musicians and fanzine makers
The first wave of punk in Finland included only five Finnish female punk musicians. Girls were more active in the fanzine scene but even there a minority. This paper tries to pinpoint the gender
8.5. The Soho Scene and the aesthetic transformation in British fashion in early 90s
The 1990s were marked by a profound change of capitalism in its neoliberal format, which instigated a visible retraction of public policies and a simultaneous expansion of markets. In England, these
1 Nomadic singularities , experimentalism and musical post-genre
The experimentalism in art, since the vanguards, overcomes semantic regimes. From this idea, this article aims to understand the confronts of the experimentalism in pop music, analyzing artists as DJ
Neste artigo,analisamos, atraves do exemplo da exposicao Nirvana: Taking Punk To The Masses, a corrente dos heritage studies, nomeadamente asquestoes relativas ainstitucionalizacao, patrimonializacao
2.1. Klitclique-Vienna’s F€M1N1$T Answer to Sad Boys
The female artists G-udit and $chwanger, aka Klitclique, act as rappers and F€M1N1$TS in Vienna’s art and underground music scene. Founded in 2005, the hip hop duo uses trap rap and a certain DIY
8.2 Women’s haute couture and the modernization of fashion. Art, marketing and visual culture in the early twentieth century
Drawing on a tactic of rapprochement with art, French couture, presenting itself as a new type of avant-garde, promoted a transformation of women’s fashion in the early twentieth century, which