Thiago Hirai

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This supplement describes the development and structure of the Comprehensive Assessment List of Affective Disorders (COALA) system, which was recently developed for a collaborative follow-up study of a broad spectrum of affective disorders in Japan and which consists of a series of semistructured interviews for affective and related disorders. The COALA(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have pointed to the importance of social support in influencing the onset and course of a psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia or depression. However, only a few have studied it across groups of patients with various psychiatric diagnoses employing a standardized assessment procedure. METHOD We administered the Social(More)
Childhood parental loss has been associated with a number of psychiatric disorders in adulthood. The present article aims to examine, firstly, the etiologic relationship between early parental loss and later development of schizophrenia and, secondly, the pathoplastic effect of the former on the symptomatology of the latter. We have administered(More)
The present paper aims to compare the ability of eight scoring methods for the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D), one of the most widely used self-report inventories for depression, to screen for a major depressive episode. The subjects were 591 patients who constituted representative samples of the first-visit patients to 23(More)
Psychoanalytic theories hypothesize that early attachment experiences with parents shape the structure and function of adult interpersonal relationships. The present paper aims to examine if parental loss experiences in childhood is related to perceived social support in adulthood. We directly interviewed 1247 patients representative of 31 psychiatric(More)
Ancestral longevity is sometimes thought to contribute to psychosocial well-being in late life. The present paper aims to examine if parental longevity is associated with mental health among the elderly. The age at death of the parents was compared between 68 patients with major depression who were aged 65 or over and 40 subjects of the same age range(More)
The classification of mood disorders is one of the most highly debated topics in modern psychiatry. The introduction of DSM-III (and its followers) has set a new standard in this controversy but little empirical evidence is available as to how the various classical diagnostic categories of mood disorders by Kraepelin, Schneider, Leonhard, Hamilton,(More)
In recent years emphasis has tended to be placed on assessing and diagnosing low-grade affective disorders. If mild affective symptoms are also considered a broad spectrum of affective disorders, this spectrum can be seen, not only in the manifestation of major symptoms of such illnesses as manic-depressive illness, but also in symptoms of various mental(More)
There have been many studies in the literature examining childhood parental loss as a risk factor for adult psychiatric disorders such as depression, schizophrenia or anxiety disorders. However, with regard to alcohol dependence, only a limited number of such studies exists, and these have reported inconsistent findings. The present paper aims to examine(More)