Thiago Garrett

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Users of large scale network testbeds often execute experiments that require a set of nodes that behave and communicate among themselves in a reasonably stable pattern. In this work we call such a set of nodes a stable clique, and introduce a monitoring strategy that allows their detection in PlanetLab, a non-trivial task for such a large scale dynamic(More)
Network Neutrality is essential for ensuring a level playing field for the development of new applications and services on the Internet. Laws and rules alone might not be enough to protect innovation, fair competition and consumer's freedom of choice online. The research community has the responsibility to propose solutions that reveal discriminatory(More)
Users of large-scale testbeds often need a group of nodes with a reasonable level of stability to execute applications and experiments. Although monitoring the stability of nodes themselves is certainly part of the solution, it is important to classify and select groups of nodes according to their ability to communicate among themselves. In this work we(More)
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