Thiago D. S. Souza

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Landfarming is a soil bioremediation technology practiced by oil refineries in order to reduce or eliminate hydrocarbons from petroleum sludge. The goal of the current study was to use Allium cepa bioassay to assess landfarming and landfarming with rice hulls amendment before and after hydrocarbons biodegradation assay in the laboratory. Three cytogenetic(More)
Personality of software developers professionals has been a continuous element of interest in academic research. Researchers have applied different models of personality analysis in various software engineering areas to identify improvement points, to promote job satisfaction and to better organize teams. This paper aims to conduct a study, by means of an(More)
This study investigated the attachment behaviors in children with autism. Ten boys with autism, 10 boys with Down syndrome and 10 boys with typical development who were around 4 years old, participated in the study. A free-play session, which consisted of five episodes, was used to observe the interactive behaviors between the child and the mother, and also(More)
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