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One of the growing needs related to systems of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is that such systems must be able to perform enriched textual inferences. We argue that one reason for the current limitation of the inferences generated by these systems is that—for the most part—they are based on the characteristics of the things represented by names, and(More)
We investigate the nonreciprocal diodelike behavior of a dimer with an asymmetric on-site potential and a saturable nonlinearity. The dimer is coupled to linear side chains. The spectra of transmission and the rectifying factor are analytically obtained using a backward iteration of the set of discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equations used to model the wave(More)
In this paper we describe the method we have created for the purpose of identifying misbehavior of users who intends to generate false trends in digital maps. Basically, the idea is to identify patterns of communities of users who strongly contribute with reports that lead a particular geographic area to be considered a hot spot. The association between hot(More)
We introduce a model system composed of two input discrete chains nonlinearly coupled to a single output chain which mimics the geometry of Y-shaped carbon nanotubes, photonic crystal wave guides, and DNA junctions. We explore the capability of the proposed system to perform logic gate operations based on the transmission of phase-shifted harmonic incoming(More)
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