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—In this paper we review several approaches for the performance evaluation of business workflows and propose an approach based on Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets, which presents desirable characteristics, such as analytic solutions. We present a case study demonstrating the application of our proposal and compare the results with that obtained by a(More)
UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY To study gene expression in plants, high-quality RNA must be extracted in quantities sufficient for subsequent cDNA library construction. Field-based collections are often limited in quantity and quality of tissue and are typically preserved in RNAlater. Obtaining sufficient and high-quality yield from variously preserved(More)
Rapid radiations are notoriously difficult to resolve, yet understanding phylogenetic patterns in such lineages can be useful for investigating evolutionary processes associated with bursts of speciation and morphological diversification. Here we present an expansive molecular phylogeny of Costus L. (Costaceae Nakai) with a focus on the Neotropical species(More)
Species can arise via the divisive effects of allopatry as well as due to ecological and/or reproductive character displacement within sympatric populations. Two separate lineages of Costaceae are native to the Neotropics; an early-diverging clade endemic to South America (consisting of ca. 16 species in the genera Monocostus, Dimerocostus and(More)
Ap Applicati tions ons in in Pl Plant t Scien Sciences ces High-throughput, next-generation sequencing of genomes and transcriptomes requires high-quality, clean, and concentrated genetic material. While getting high-quality genomic extractions from plants is not trivial, it is even more challenging to consistently obtain suffi cient quantity of pure RNA(More)
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