Thiago Alves

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With an immense number of threats pouring in from nation states and hacktivists as well as terrorists and cybercriminals, the requirement of a globally secure infrastructure becomes a major obligation. Most critical infrastructures were primarily designed to work isolated from the normal communication network, but due to the advent of the "Smart Grid" that(More)
In this paper, we introduce the tractable pf -EL logic, a paraconsistent version of the fuzzy logic f -EL. Within pf -EL, it is possible to tolerate contradictions under incomplete and vague knowledge. pf -EL extends the f -EL language with a paraconsistent negation in order to represent contradictions. This paraconsistent negation is defined under Belnap’s(More)
Description Logics (DLs) are a family of knowledge representation languages that have gained considerable attention the last 20 years. It is wellknown that the interpretation domain of classical DLs is a classical set. However, in Science and in the ordinary life the situation is not at all like this. In order to handle these types of knowledge in DLs, in(More)
Francisca Patrícia Barreto de Carvalho1, Kênnia Stephanie Morais Oliveira2, Glauber Weder dos Santos Silva3, Geórgia Nóbrega Melo4, Thiago Enggle de Araújo Alves5, Ana Cristina Arrais6, Ilana Deyse Rocha Leite7, Amélia Carolina Lopes Fernandes8, Lucidio Clebeson Oliveira9, Francisco Rafael Ribeiro Soares9 1 Nurse, Doctor in nursing. Lecturer at the State(More)
The aim of this paper is to define an arbitration merging operator for argumentation frameworks. As it is known, an argumentation framework is a collection of defeasible proofs, called arguments, and a relation attack between these arguments. Many of such arguments can be put forward by different agents and represent their different points of view. The(More)
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