Thiago A Sarraf

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OBJECTIVE The present retrospective cohort study compares the long-term functional outcome, improvement or deterioration, of patients considered in a vegetative state (VS) or a minimally conscious state (MCS) 1 year after coma onset, then yearly for up to 5 years. METHODS We reviewed the clinical courses of 12 patients in VS and 39 in MCS. The outcomes(More)
BACKGROUND Falls in elderly people are a major health burden, especially in the long-term care environment. Yet little objective evidence is available for how and why falls occur in this population. We aimed to provide such evidence by analysing real-life falls in long-term care captured on video. METHODS We did this observational study between April 20,(More)
Maintaining balance while standing on a moving bus or subway is challenging, and falls among passengers are a significant source of morbidity. Standing passengers often rely on handrail grasping to resist perturbations to balance. We conducted experiments that simulated vehicle starts, to examine how handrail location (overhead or shoulder-height),(More)
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