Thi Thuy Trang Vu

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From September 2006- October 2007 hospital-based surveillance was conducted in Haiphong, Vietnam among children less than age 5 years hospitalized for diarrhoea to determine the distribution of G and P types and electropherotypes of rotavirus. Of note, the emergence of G3P[8] was identified and the strain was predominant among rotaviruses detected. More(More)
In the water treatment field, activated carbons (ACs) have wide applications in adsorptions. However, the applications are limited by difficulties encountered in separation and regeneration processes. Here, activated carbon/Fe(3)O(4) nanoparticle composites, which combine the adsorption features of powdered activated carbon (PAC) with the magnetic and(More)
5alpha-reduced steroids, including allopregnanolone, suppress neuronal activity and can have neuroprotective effects in the fetus. 5alpha-reductases in the placenta may contribute precursors to brain allopregnanolone synthesis. Preterm birth and glucocorticoids, administered for fetal lung maturation or for maternal asthma, may influence reductase(More)
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