Thi Thanh Huyen Phan

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Workflow verification has attracted a lot of attention, especially control flow aspect. However, little research has been carried out on data verification in workflow literature although data is one of the most important aspects of workflow. This paper proposes an approach for detecting and repairing Unintentional Change in In-use Data (UCID) in a(More)
—Distributed collaborative software development tends to make artifacts and decisions inconsistent and uncertain. We try to solve this problem by providing an information repository to reflect the state of works precisely, by managing the states of artifacts/products made through collaborative work, and the states of decisions made through communications.(More)
Change management is a key issue in collaborative software development. In a collaborative work, the fact that many change processes applied to shared artifacts are executed concurrently leads to the inconsistency problem. Most of previous studies addressed only conflicts, a type of inconsistency caused by concurrent change activities on shared artifacts.(More)
This paper proposes an extended mobile payment service model founded on the existing ones to solve the non-repudiation problems with fair non-repudiation protocols for all phases in a typical m-commerce transaction. The novel model bases on assumptions about the cooperation between mobile network operators and financial institutions to deal with different(More)
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