Thi Lan Anh Nguyen

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Epitope identification is an essential step toward synthetic vaccine development since epitopes play an important role in activating immune response. Classical experimental approaches are laborious and time-consuming, and therefore computational methods for generating epitope candidates have been actively studied. Most of these methods, however, are based(More)
The complex scene conditions such as light change, high density of mobile objects or object occlusion can cause object mis-detections. When a tracker can not recover these mis-detections, the trajectory of an object is fragmented into some short trajectories called tracklets. As a result, tracking quality is reduced remarkably. In this paper, we propose a(More)
—Clustering is a discovery process that groups data objects into clusters such that the intracluster similarity is maximized and the intercluster similarity is minimized. This paper proposes a novel-clustering algorithm, IMPACT (Iteratively Moving Points based on Attraction to ClusTer data), that partitions data objects by moving them closer according to(More)
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