Thi Hong Nhung Dinh

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Inhibition of protein synthesis per se does not potentiate the stress-activated protein kinases (SAPKs; also known as cJun NH2-terminal kinases [JNKs]). The protein synthesis inhibitor anisomycin, however, is a potent activator of SAPKs/JNKs. The mechanism of this activation is unknown. We provide evidence that in order to activate SAPK/JNK1, anisomycin(More)
The ribotoxic stress response, which is conserved between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, is a cellular reaction to cytotoxic interference with the function of the 3'-end of the large (23 S/28 S) ribosomal RNA. The 3'-end of the large rRNA is directly involved in the three sequential steps of translational elongation: the aminoacyl-tRNA binding, the peptidyl(More)
Cytotoxic endoribonucleases (RNases) possess a potential for use in cancer therapy. However, the molecular determinants of RNase-induced cell death are not well understood. In this work, we identify such determinants of the cytotoxicity induced by onconase, an amphibian cytotoxic RNase. Onconase displayed a remarkable specificity for tRNA in vivo, leaving(More)
Upon transformation into Escherichia coli or Cos-1 monkey cells, heteroduplex DNA made of two sequences containing many nucleotide mismatches yields a wide array of different molecules, some with a patchwork structure. Thus, complex heteroduplexes can be processed to generate many genetic variants.
A series of 2-alpha-L-rhamnopyranosylnitro[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a] pyridine C-nucleosides was synthesized from the condensation oa thioiminoether with nitro-2-pyridylhydrazines. Catalytic reduction afforded the corresponding amino derivative. A 1',2' unsaturated C-nucleoside was also obtained by two different routes. Selective oxidation gave the 3'- and(More)
A single VL30 element present in the RVL-3 cell line was transcriptionally induced by both epidermal growth factor (EGF) and the protein kinase C (pkC) activators 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA) and sn-1,2-dioctanoylglycerol within 5 min of stimulation. Following TPA-induced depletion of protein kinase C activity, EGF stimulation of VL30(More)
In this paper, the design, the fabrication and the electromechanical characterization of polymer-based flexible pressure sensor are presented. This kind of sensors is developed for the non-invasive monitoring of pressure/force distributions that is required in many medical applications such as the monitoring of plantar pressures or chronic venous disorder(More)
Three new steroid biglycosides, plancisides A-C (1-3), were isolated from the ethanolic extract of the starfish Acanthaster planci. The structures of 1-3 were determined by extensive NMR and ESI-MS techniques, as (24S)-28-O-[β-D-galactofuranosyl-(1-->5)-α-L-arabinofuranosyl]-24-methyl-5α-cholestane-3β, 4β, 6α, 8, 15α,16α, 28-heptol (1),(More)
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