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OBJECTIVE To conduct a preliminary investigation into the consistency of approach between three Ayurvedic medicine experts on treatments for inflammatory polyarthritis. METHODS A convenience sample of three experienced Ayurvedic practitioners was recruited. These practitioners independently assessed three subjects with inflammatory polyarthritis for(More)
The role that house dust mites play in the primary causation of asthma is controversial. Approximately thirty-six 10-yr-old children in each of 10 centres in the Asia-Pacific region participated. Researchers collected dust from mattresses and living room floors using standardized procedures. Der p1 and Der f1 were analysed using a double monoclonal antibody(More)
S cholastic achievement has become an index of child's future in this highly competitive world.Unrecognized and unresolved, scholastic backwardness has a lifelong impact on the child and adolescent, affecting school completion, higher education, interpersonal relationships, prospects foremployment, marriage etc. Awareness of the varying causes, methods of(More)
Clinical, radiologic, electrocardiographic and 2-dimensional echocardiographic findings of fifty cases of mitral valve prolapse syndrome attending the Pediatric Cardiology clinic of I.C.H. and Childrens Hospital, Medical College, Kottayam over a period of ten years from 1980-1989 are presented. Mitral valve prolapse syndrome (MVPS) accounted for 2% of(More)