Therese Söderlund

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UNLABELLED Clinical (123)I-2-β-carbomethoxy-3β-(4-iodophenyl)-N-(3-fluoropropyl)nortropane ((123)I-FP-CIT) SPECT studies are commonly performed and reported using visual evaluation of tracer binding, an inherently subjective method. Increased objectivity can potentially be obtained using semiquantitative analysis. In this study, we assessed whether(More)
Gender studies is a growing field in academe. It is intrinsically associated with feminism and political reforms, and has in Sweden enjoyed exclusive resources and legislated support. The present study aims to characterize gender studies published by authors based in Sweden, and poses a number of hypotheses regarding its rate of growth, impact, and other(More)
Gender studies (GS) has been challenged on epistemological grounds. Here, we compare samples of peer-reviewed academic journal publications written by GS authors and authors from closely related disciplines in the social sciences. The material consisted of 2805 statements from 36 peer-reviewed journal articles, sampled from the Swedish Gender Studies List,(More)
We reply to the comment by Lundgren, Shildrick and Lawrence on our article on gender studies bibliometrics and argue that it does not challenge any of our main results. Their points of criticism concerned that we had not compiled exactly all scholarly gender production, that the gender studies field had changed during the period, that the definition of the(More)
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