Therese Panetta

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Fifty-six patients with penetrating colon injuries were entered into a randomized prospective study. Management of the colon injury was not dependent on the number of associated injuries, amount of fecal contamination, shock, or blood requirements. Twenty-eight patients were treated with primary repair or resection and anastomosis and 28 patients were(More)
Disordered copper metabolism may be important in the aetiology of Parkinsonism, as caeruloplasmin is a key enzyme in handling oxidative stress and is involved in the synthesis pathway of dopamine. The human Cu metabolism of ten Parkinsonism patients was compared to ten healthy controls with the aid of a stable (65)Cu isotope tracer. The analyses of blood(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In patients with metal-on-metal (MoM) hip prostheses, pain and joint effusions may be associated with elevated blood levels of cobalt and chromium ions. Since little is known about the kinetics of metal ion clearance from the body and the rate of resolution of elevated blood ion levels, we examined the time course of cobalt and(More)
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