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Studies on pectin-coated liposomes and their interaction with mucin.
The pH was found to affect the interaction between the coatedliposomes and mucin, and the complexes formed between mucin and the HM-pectin-coated liposomes were the largest, while the smallest were formed with the LM-pectIn-coating liposome.
Polymer coated liposomes for use in the oral cavity – a study of the in vitro toxicity, effect on cell permeability and interaction with mucin
Although the chitosan-coated liposomes affected the cell viability, this formulation also influenced the cell permeability, which makes it an interesting candidate for systemic drug delivery from the oral cavity.
Characterization of temperature induced changes in liposomes coated with poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-methacrylic acid).
Rheo-SALS (small angle light scattering underShear conditions) measurements demonstrated that the polymer coating was stable under shear at physiological temperature, and revealed an anomalous high scattered intensity of the uncoated liposome compared to the coated liposomes.
Effect of chitosan malate on viability and cytoskeletal structures morphology of Caco-2 cells.
Viability and the cytoskeletal pattern of Caco-2 cells are modified by treatment with CM at high concentrations, which might be locally reached in vivo after application of drug-loaded chitosan microparticles onto mucosal cells.