Therese A. Kucera

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BACKGROUND & AIMS Insulin exerts a strict short-term control of glucose disappearance by glucose storage as well as degradation in the liver and peripheral insulin target tissues, but an acute control of glucose appearance by glucose absorption in the intestine is as yet unknown. The aim of the present study was to evaluate, whether insulin acutely(More)
The consequences of autonomic diabetic neuropathy, a common complication of chronic diabetes mellitus, have been studied mainly with regard to heart and stomach function. Since the autonomic nervous system also regulates liver carbohydrate metabolism and haemodynamics via hepatic nerves, it was the purpose of this study to examine the function of hepatic(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Liver carbohydrate metabolism and blood flow are regulated by hepatic nerves and hormones such as glucagon, insulin or catecholamines. Acute and chronic application of alcohol are known to depress the function of central and peripheral nerves. The extent of inhibition of the autonomic nervous system is not well characterized; thus, the(More)
In an ex situ organ perfusion system, that of the isolated nonrecirculating joint perfusion of rat small intestine and liver, insulin infused into the portal vein increased intestinal glucose absorption. This insulin action against the bloodstream can be blocked by TTX, indicating a propagation of the insulin signal via hepatoenteral nerves, which conforms(More)
Below are the abstracts of proposals selected for funding for the Living With A Star TR&T program. Principal Investigator (PI) name, institution, and proposal title are also included. One Hundred Forty-Six (146) proposals were received in response to this opportunity, and 44 were selected for funding. The solar corona is a nonlinear dissipative system that(More)