Therese A Fitzpatrick

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Forskolin, a diterpene activator of adenylate cyclase, stimulates the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in a wide variety of cell types. In C6 glioma, used in this study, the anticonvulsant agent valproic acid (VPA) inhibited forskolin-stimulated cAMP accumulation in intact cells in a concentration-dependent manner. Kinetic studies(More)
The dual crises of high healthcare costs and the nursing shortage require a better understanding of inpatient nursing unit activities and, more specifically, their costs and the drivers of inefficiencies. This includes knowing not only how staff spend their time but also how much of this time is non-value-added (NVA) because wasted time leads to both high(More)
Many traditional approaches to planning and deploying human capital have not been effective. Staffing offices are chaotic, budgets are overrun, staffing is frequently misaligned, a growing number of state legislatures are mandating nurse staffing levels, and dissatisfaction with work schedules abounds. The authors explores methodologies used in the science(More)
The traditional approaches to staffing and scheduling are often ineffective in assuring sufficient budgeting and deployment of staff to assure the right nurse at the right time for the right cost. As hospital merger activity increases, this exercise is further complicated by the need to rationalize staffing across multiple enterprises and standardize(More)
Women are often reluctant to apply for promotions even when they are well deserved, simply believing good job performance will naturally lead to rewards. This phenomenon of advancement reticence has led to such labels as "tiara syndrome," "girl disease", and "imposter syndrome". Women often undervalue their skills and are less effective at self-promotion(More)
The health care industry is in the midst of chaos as we navigate through the uncertainty of reform, gridlock in Congress, and the largest change ever contemplated in the delivery of care as the epicenter moves to the community. Yet, history has repeatedly demonstrated that from chaos, opportunity is born. Creative nurse entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and(More)
In March of 2008 the final rules for Illinois' Nurse Staffing by Patient Acuity Act were published. This law represents the collaborative efforts of the Illinois Nurses Association and the Illinois Hospital Association in authoring legislation which is an alternative to mandated staffing ratios and provides nurses a voice in their organization's staffing(More)
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