Theresa W. Wong

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Mycobacteriophages are viruses that infect mycobacterial hosts such as Mycobacterium smegmatis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. All mycobacteriophages characterized to date are dsDNA tailed phages, and have either siphoviral or myoviral morphotypes. However, their genetic diversity is considerable, and although sixty-two genomes have been sequenced and(More)
OBJECTIVES Sexual partnerships can be viewed as networks in order to study disease transmission. We examined the transmission of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in a localised outbreak in Alberta, Canada, using measures of network centrality to determine the association between risk of infection of network members and their position within the sexual network. We also(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the morbidity patterns of non-urgent patients utilising accident and emergency services and compare these patients with 'true' accident and emergency cases. To analyse the morbidity pattern of non-urgent cases over different time periods, and across different age groups. DESIGN A cross-sectional study completed over a 1-year period. (More)
Traditional Chinese medicine is gaining increasing attention and popularity in Hong Kong. There is no doubt that traditional Chinese medicine as a system of medicine works; however, this does not imply that every therapy is efficacious. Prevention of the initiation and continuation of ineffective intervention is extremely important for the efficiency of any(More)
Tissue engineering (TE) offers a potential solution for the shortage of transplantable organs and the need for novel methods of tissue repair. Methods of TE have advanced significantly in recent years, but there are challenges to using engineered tissues and organs including but not limited to: biocompatibility, immunogenicity, biodegradation, and toxicity.(More)
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