Theresa Sukal Moulton

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Loss of heterozygosity in certain human embryonal tumours implicates a tumour-suppressor gene at chromosome 11p15.5 and selective loss of maternal alleles suggests that this gene is paternally imprinted. The human H19 gene maps to 11p15.5, is expressed in differentiating fetal cells and is paternally imprinted. We report here that two embryonal tumour cell(More)
This paper details the design of the Wrist and Finger Torque Sensing module (WFTS): a lightweight, portable device that measures isometric wrist and finger flexion and extension joint torques. The WFTS can be used in combination with rehabilitation robots such as the ACT-3D, with isometric measurement stations, or as a stand-alone device. Because many(More)
Meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA, or succimer) is an oral chelating agent for heavy-metal poisoning. While studying the urinary elimination of unaltered DMSA, altered DMSA (i.e., its mixed disulfides), and lead in children with lead poisoning, we observed a pattern of urinary drug elimination after meals suggestive of enterohepatic circulation. The(More)
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