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We examined bird-habitat relationships within and across a range of aspen habitats in four major watersheds in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains of California and Nevada to identify habitat features of importance to aspen-breeding birds. Using point counts and vegetation assessments from 462 individual stations between 2001 and 2003 allowed us to(More)
A commercially available open MRI unit is under routine use for radiation therapy simulation. The effects of a gradient distortion correction (GDC) program used to post process the images were assessed by comparison with the known geometry of a phantom. The GDC reduced the magnitude of the distortions at the periphery of the axial images from 12 mm to 2 mm(More)
INTRODUCTION Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are smart materials capable of " remembering " and autonomously recovering their original shape after being deformed, as a response to a stimulus [1,2]. Segmented polyurethanes (PU) that present a two-phase microstructure consisting on hard and soft segments, can show this type of behavior.
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