Theresa Martinez-Merlos

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We studied the effects of nerve growth factor (NGF), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), and dibutyryl-cAMP (dbcAMP) on rat pancreatic β-cell morphology and of NGF and dbcAMP on insulin secretion. After 2 wk in culture, nearly 3% of β-cells extended neurite-like processes spontaneously; when cells were treated with NGF, almost 30% of them extended processes. In(More)
Restricted feeding schedules (RFSs) produce a behavioral activation known as anticipatory activity, which is a manifestation of a food-entrained oscillator (FEO). The liver could be playing a role in the physiology of FEO. Here we demonstrate that the activity of liver selenoenzyme deiodinase type 1 (D1), which transforms thyroxine into triiodothyronine(More)
Equilibrium [3H]ryanodine binding assay was applied to total membrane fractions of six rodent species, including the Mexican volcano mouse Neotomodon alstoni alstoni, Wistar rat Rattus norvegicus albinus, golden hamster Mesocritus auratus, gerbil Meriones unguiculatus, guinea-pig Cavia porcellus, and ground squirrel Spermophillus mexicanus. The organs(More)
A clear demonstration of the role of melatonin and its receptors in specific retinal functions is lacking. The present study investigated the distribution of MT1 receptors within the retina, and the scotopic and photopic electroretinograms (ERG) and retinal morphology in wild-type (WT) and MT1 receptor-deficient mice. MT1 receptor transcripts were localized(More)
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