Theresa M. Fraser

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The effect of varying particle size on the site of deposition of inhaled particles in the human lung was measured in 11 young healthy male subjects. The simultaneous inhalation of two chemically inert, radiolabelled particles, differing in size but in no other respect, controlled for all other variables including airways geometry, breathing pattern and(More)
As part of an investigation of accidents occuring during mounting on and dismounting from heavy construction equipment a study was conducted of operator behaviour during mounting and dismounting. Measurements of access systems of representative vehicles were compared with those from various Standards. In most instances the vehicles did not conform.(More)
This paper examines the nature and scope of ergonomics in relation to the practice of industrial hygiene. It demonstrates that ergonomics is an independent and broadly based discipline, the work of which is complementary to industrial hygiene and not in competition with it. Whereas the industrial hygienist is primarily concerned with the habitability of the(More)
Suitably prepared subjects were exposed to the vibration imposed by driving a personal-type all-terrain vehicle over a heavily plowed track. Acceleration was measured in the Z-axis at the seat of the vehicle, and in the X, Y, and Z axes at the hip and head of the subjects. Acceleration peaks, rates of onset, durations, and frequency ranges were determined(More)
The Mount Polley deposit in south-central British Columbia (52”30’N, 121”35’W) is an alkalic porphyry coppergold deposit (Hodgson el al., 1976). The deposit, located 56 kilometres northeast of Williams Lake, is accessible from Highway 97 at 150 Mile House by 90 kilometres of secondary paved road. Imperial Metals Corporation (Gore er al., 1992) has estimated(More)