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Genetic resistance to pyrethroid insecticides involves nervous system insensitivity linked to regulatory and structural genes of voltage-sensitive sodium channels. We examined the properties and relative density of sodium channels in central neurons of susceptible and pyrethroid-resistant (Pyr-R) insects that were homozygous for the amino acid substitution(More)
The carAB operons from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 and Pseudomonas stutzeri JM300 were characterized by Southern and DNA sequence analyses. The results show that the previously reported sequence for carA (S. C. Wong and A. T. Abdelal, J. Bacteriol. 172:630-642, 1990) is derived from P. stutzeri and not P. aeruginosa, as originally reported. Therefore, the(More)
The organization and transcriptional control of chromosomal cat genes (required for dissimilation of catechol by the beta-ketoadipate pathway) in the Pseudomonas putida biotype strain (ATCC 12633) are reported. Nucleotide sequence reveals that catR is separated by 135 bp from the divergently transcribed catBC,A; catC begins 21 nucleotides downstream from(More)
In marine ecosystems, phage predation (phage-mediated cell lysis) is an important driver of bacterial mortality through host cell death and nutrient cycling through the release of cell contents. Both of these impacts increase marine microbial diversity by increasing interspecific competition. By contrast, very little is known about the role of phage(More)
The TrES project is designed to search for exoplanetary transits using three wide-field optical telescopes of 10 cm in diameter, in three different observatories. We describe the instruments and strategies used by the team, which has been working as a network since 2003. We summarize the major findings and difficulties faced during these years, which(More)
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