Theresa Lie-Nemeth

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The aim of this study is to identify movement characteristics associated with motor fluctuations in patients with Parkinson's disease by relying on wearable sensors. Improved methods of assessing longitudinal changes in Parkinson's disease would enable optimization of treatment and maximization of patient function. We used eight accelerometers on the upper(More)
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), finger representations were characterized in the precentral cortex of 11 normal musicians and 14 musicians with focal task-specific dystonia. Finger representations were identified from differential activation during repetitive movements of each finger relative to others. Despite group similarities in(More)
In conclusion, musicians' focal dystonia is a significant and potentially career-ending neurological condition of which physiatrists and other performing arts medicine clinicians should be aware. Pathology has been identified in the somatosensory cortex, and in the motor cortex and basal ganglia. Although advances have been made in the elucidating some of(More)
BACKGROUND We describe a case of perioperative Addisonian crisis induced by vertebral augmentation. While several complications of vertebral augmentation have been reported previously, related to the technical procedure, to our knowledge, perioperative Addisonian crisis from vertebral augmentation has not been reported in the literature. OBJECTIVE To(More)
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