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  • Tonghui Xu, Xinzhu Yu, Andrew J Perlik, Willie F Tobin, Jonathan A Zweig, Kelly Tennant +2 others
  • 2009
Novel motor skills are learned through repetitive practice and, once acquired, persist long after training stops. Earlier studies have shown that such learning induces an increase in the efficacy of synapses in the primary motor cortex, the persistence of which is associated with retention of the task. However, how motor learning affects neuronal circuitry(More)
Aphasic patients with multimodal semantic impairment following pFC or temporo-parietal (TP) cortex damage (semantic aphasia [SA]) have deficits characterized by poor control of semantic activation/retrieval, as opposed to loss of semantic knowledge per se. In line with this, SA patients show "refractory effects"; that is, declining accuracy in cyclical(More)
In searching for persistent seizure-induced alterations in brain function that might be causally related to epilepsy, presynaptic transmitter release has relatively been neglected. To measure directly the long-term effects of pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus on vesicular release and recycling in hippocampal mossy fibre presynaptic boutons, we used (i)(More)
Primitively eusocial paper wasps exhibit considerable plasticity in their division of labor. Dominance interactions among nest mates play a strong role in determining the task performance patterns of adult females. We asked whether dominance status and task performance differences were associated with the development of subregions of the mushroom bodies(More)
  • Javier E Baez, Adriana Camacho, Emily Conover, Román A Zárate, Co Emily Conover, A Román +18 others
  • 2013
This paper estimates the effect of enrollment in a large scale anti-poverty program in Colombia on intent to vote, turnout and electoral choice. For identification we use disconti-nuities in program eligibility and variation in program enrollment across voting booths. We find that in the 2010 presidential elections women who were direct recipients of the(More)
The mammalian motor cortex is capable of circuit reorganization driven by acquisition of novel motor skills. Time-lapse imaging of synaptic structures in the living brain provides valuable information on how motor learning rewires synaptic connections and how long-lasting memory is structurally encoded in the intact brain. Here we introduce a transcranial(More)
  • Javier E Baez, Adriana Camacho, Emily Conover, Román A Zárate, Javier Baez, Paloma Anos Casero +11 others
  • 2012
Any opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and not those of IZA. Research published in this series may include views on policy, but the institute itself takes no institutional policy positions. The Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn is a local and virtual international research center and a place of communication between science,(More)
  • Javier E Baez, Adriana Camacho, Emily Conover, Román A Zárate, Voting Behavior, Co Emily Conover +17 others
  • 2012
The Impact Evaluation Series has been established in recognition of the importance of impact evaluation studies for World Bank operations and for development in general. The series serves as a vehicle for the dissemination of findings of those studies. Papers in this series are part of the Bank's Policy Research Working Paper Series. The papers carry the(More)
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