Theresa Chang

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Drugs that potentiate transmission at GABA(A) receptors are widely used to enhance sleep and to cause general anesthesia. The mechanisms underlying these effects are unknown. This study tested the hypothesis that GABA(A) receptors in the pontine reticular nucleus, oral part (PnO) of mouse modulate five phenotypes of arousal: sleep and wakefulness, cortical(More)
The coupling mechanism between depletion of Ca(2+) stores in the endoplasmic reticulum and plasma membrane store-operated ion channels is fundamental to Ca(2+) signaling in many cell types and has yet to be completely elucidated. Using Ca(2+) release-activated Ca(2+) (CRAC) channels in RBL-2H3 cells as a model system, we have shown that CRAC channels are(More)
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