Theresa Berens

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  • T A Berens
  • Clinics in podiatric medicine and surgery
  • 1996
Management of the medially deviated and overlapping second digit is often frustrating because of inconsistent surgical results. After a review of the pertinent anatomy and previous forms of treatment, both conservative and surgical, the author discusses the concept of a laterally closing metatarsal head osteotomy. Experience over the past 7 years has shown(More)
The author presents an overview of tendon healing with particular attention to the principles of tendon graft repair. A clinical case of a patient who experienced an extensor hallucis longus laceration 8 weeks prior to the graft repair is reviewed. The extensor hallucis longus tendon was repaired using an autogenous graft taken from the extensor hallucis(More)
The general idea of perception is the recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based on memory and neurological processes that underlie this ability. In this paper I will review and contrast two major approaches to understanding perception: the AI inspired view of perception as passive computational processing of environmental sensory input and the(More)
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