Theresa Beaubouef

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Rough set theory has become well-established as a mechanism for uncertainty management in a wide variety of applications including databases. This paper addresses the measurement of uncertainty in rough sets and rough relational databases by introducing a measurement based on information theory. This rough entropy is discussed as it applies to rough sets in(More)
This paper describes a database model based on the original rough sets theory. Its rough relations permit the representation of a rough set of tuples not definable in terms of the elementary classes. except through use of lower and upper approximations. The rough relational database model also incorporates indiscernibility in the representation and in all(More)
Uncertainty management has been considered essential for real world applications, and spatial data and geographic information systems in particular require some means for managing uncertainty and vagueness. Rough sets have been shown to be an effective tool for data mining and uncertainty management in databases. The 9-intersection, region connection(More)
Many colleges typically lose 50% of their CS1 students because they possess no fundamental problem solving skill. The development of an interactive learning tool, <i>UNLOCK,</i> teaches students those fundamental skills. This article describes <i>UNLOCK.</i> The goal is to increase CS1 retention, thereby increasing the numbers of CS graduates.
Many students enter the field of computer science with misconceptions about the importance of communication skills. They often choose this field, thinking they will end up with jobs working alone or with other "techies" developing computer games, and not having to deal with people. These students often do not realize the significance of reading, writing,(More)
Too many students enter the field of computer science with high aspirations but poor math skills. These students often do not realize the significance of mathematics in computer science. This paper discusses several relevant areas of computer science and explains why computer science students need math in order to master the material taught in these courses(More)
This paper introduces the intuitionistic rough set and intuitionistic rough relational and rough object oriented database models. Rough set, fuzzy set, and intuitionistic set uncertainty management are discussed and compared, and the model based on intuitionistic and rough sets developed here is applied to databases. The intuitionistic rough set database(More)