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Trigger warnings as respect for student boundaries in university classrooms
ABSTRACT The fierce public and scholarly debate over trigger warnings in university classrooms has often characterized the issue as one of academic freedom and ignored the social justice argumentsExpand
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Labored Realisms: Geopolitical Rhetoric and Asian American and Asian (Im)migrant Women's (Auto)biography
Transnational industry's use of Asian and Latina women's labor?in Asia, Latin America, and the U.S.?is the contempo rary site where the contradictions of the national and interna tional converge inExpand
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The Croatian coastal city of Split, located in central Dalmatia on the eastern Adriatic Sea, is often called the sunniest city in Europe. While this may be so, in much of the West, including theExpand
Imperial Partitioning in the Neoliberal University
This paper tells the story of boundaries redrawn within a public university, specifically between the university and its regional campuses, as well as concerned faculty members' attempts to respondExpand
Sari suasion: migrant economies of care in Shailja Patel’s Migritude
Abstract This essay examines Shailja Patel’s 2010 book, Migritude, and its framing of human value in feminist terms and from the vantage point of nonwestern migrants rather than Western human rightsExpand
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Pleasurable Pedagogies: Reading Lolita in Tehran and the Rhetoric of Empathy
Dn her audio essay for the National Public Radio's series This I Believe, Iranian American author and professor Azar Nafisi celebrates the affective power of empathy (npr.org). Emphasizing "the magicExpand
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