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This paper describes a method of detecting grammatical and lexical errors made by Japanese learners of English and other techniques that improve the accuracy of error detection with a limited amount of training data. In this paper, we demonstrate to what extent the proposed methods hold promise by conducting experiments using our learner corpus, which(More)
The most important concept that plays a central role in the decision making process of the negotiation is a collaborative learning goal. At the process of negotiation, each agent considers the personal benefit for its own learner while it considers the social benefit for overall group. To make a negotiation reach an agreement, the compromises between the(More)
Although the semantic web standards are established, applications and uses of the data are relatively limited. This is partly due to high learning curve and efforts demanded in building semantic web and ontology-based applications. In this paper, we describe an ontology application management framework that aims to simplify creation and adoption of a(More)
Our research objectives include constructing a collaborative learning support system that detects appropriate situation for a learner to join in a collaborative learning session, and forms a collaborative learning group appropriate for the situation dynamically. In this paper, we describe the outline of a system of concepts concerning learning goals(More)