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Sketch-based algorithms are widely applied in various networking applications. In this paper, we present a compact implementation for on-line traffic change detection on a NetFPGA platform. The system utilizes a straight forward scheme to reveal the key of flow with tradeoff on the accuracy for hardware simplicity. It is capable of digesting traffic up to(More)
Sketch-based data streaming algorithms are used in many network monitoring applications. The sketch data structure is capable of summarizing high-speed network traffic in real-time and producing accurate estimation result of a specific traffic measurement task. However, due to the fixed hardware implementation of the sketch counter array, the flexibility of(More)
Sketch-based algorithms are widely used in networking applications due to its many good attributes. We propose to use Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) as an accelerating engine to offload heavy sketch computations for network traffic change detection. Our experiment results show that GPU can conduct fast change detection with query operation up to 9 million(More)
We propose a system to detect superspreaders based on combinations of FM sketch, Bloom filter and hash table. It first eliminates sources which are not potential superspreaders, then counts the number of connections to distinct destinations (fan-out) for remaining sources. The proposed system is implemented on NetFPGA platform. Our experiment results show(More)
Graph-based techniques and analysis have been used for IP network traffic analysis. The objective of this paper is to study the hosts' interaction behavior and use graph clustering algorithm, the Markov clustering algorithm, to group (cluster) hosts which have interaction using the HTTP protocol. Using real network traces, the clustering results show(More)
Misalignment between business process and information system is common in many organizations. Typically, the efforts to correct this misalignment do not bring results because of two factors: 1) the complexity of the information technology architecture derived from heterogeneous applications built on different architecture, programming languages, and(More)
Approximate string matching has been used in many applications such as, text retrieval, spell checker and DNA sequence matching in computational biology. In this paper, we implemented bit-vector algorithm using MATLAB for approximate string matching on Rhodopsin protein sequence of class Aves. Our experiments on real data of Rhodopsin protein sequences(More)