Theonimfi Tavladaki

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Acute urticaria (AU) is a common condition that often presents in childhood. Although there is a general perception of cyclic annual trends in AU, no one has tried to identify any seasonal variation on its prevalence and incidence, associate environmental influences and impute geographic, ethnic, or even genetic features that may contribute to its onset. We(More)
INTRODUCTION Bacterial meningitis is a complex, rapidly progressive disease in which neurological injury is caused in part by the causative organism and in part by the host's own inflammatory responses. CASE PRESENTATION We present the case of a two-year-old Greek girl with pneumococcal meningitis and an atypical curvilinear-like skin eruption,(More)
Inhalation of foreign bodies, a leading cause of accidental death, is most common in preschool children. In this article we report our experience with a 5-year-old Greek girl who presented with a 24-hour history of sore throat, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Emergency bronchoscopy was performed and multiple small chewing gummi bear (HARIBO) particles(More)
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