Theofilos Kakantousis

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The recent years have seen a proliferation of community sensing or participatory sensing paradigms, where individuals rely on the use of smart and powerful mobile devices to collect, store and analyze data from everyday life. Due to this massive collection of the data, a key challenge to all such developments, is to provide a simple but efficient way to(More)
RESTful services gained a lot of attention recently, even in the enterprise world, which is traditionally more web-service centric. Data centric RESfFul services, as previously mainly known in web environments, established themselves as a second paradigm complementing functional WSDL-based SOA. In the Internet of Things, and in particular when talking about(More)
The proliferation of powerful, programmable mobile devices along with the availability of wide-area connectivity has created opportunities for participatory sensing applications where users sense and share location, motion and acoustic data in a network of mobile devices. This paper presents a mobile system, based on the MapReduce framework that is designed(More)
Hadoop is a popular system for storing, managing,and processing large volumes of data, but it has bare-bonesinternal support for metadata, as metadata is a bottleneck andless means more scalability. The result is a scalable platform withrudimentary access control that is neither user- nor developer-friendly. Also, metadata services that are built on Hadoop,(More)
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