Theofanis Vrettos

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PURPOSE To identify the risk factors for incident enteric colonization by KPC-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae (KPC-Kp) resistant to colistin or tigecycline during Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stay. METHOD A prospective observational study of patients admitted to the ICU was conducted during a 27-month period. Rectal samples taken upon admission and weekly(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Drug-eluting stents proved to minimize neointimal hyperplasia in coronary vessels. Hyperplastic reaction is the most common unwelcome event related to the use of metal mesh stents in the ureter. We evaluated the effect of zotarolimus-eluting stent (ZES) Endeavor Resolute in the porcine and rabbit ureter. MATERIALS AND METHODS A ZES(More)
Clinical specimens from 565 patients hospitalized in 2 intensive care units (ICUs A and B) during a 28-month period were cultured on appropriate media for isolation of Candida. Forty-nine (9%) patients had at least a Candida spp.-positive sample. Candida albicans was the predominant species isolated from 26 (53%) patients. Seventeen patients (3%) developed(More)
INTRODUCTION Phosphodiesrase type 5 inhibitors have been recently reported to induce a relaxing effect on ureteral smooth muscle. We conducted an in vitro study to elucidate the relaxing effect of various doses of vardenafil on the porcine ureter. Moreover, we propose a porcine ureter model for the evaluation of the effect of different substances on the(More)
INTRODUCTION Evaluation of ketamine and propofol combination for the performance of photoselective vaporization of prostate (PVP). PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-six patients undergoing PVP for benign prostatic hyperplasia were included in the study. Co-morbidities were present in 24 patients. Midazolam 2 mg intravenous was administered for the induction to(More)
INTRODUCTION The current experimental study aimed at evaluating the temperature raise of the irrigation fluid caused by the use of the thulium (Tm:YAG) and holmium laser (Ho:YAG) in the upper urinary tract (UT) of pigs. MATERIALS AND METHODS An experimental setting was designed for the investigation of differences in the temperature of the irrigation(More)
OBJECTIVE Optimal hemodynamic resuscitation strategy of the trauma patient with uncontrolled hemorrhage and severe head injury in the pre-hospital setting remains a special challenge. Permissive hypotension prior to definite surgical haemostasis promotes coagulation, decreases blood loss and favors survival. However, hypotension is associated with poor(More)