Theofanis Sapatinas

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This article shows how a non-decimated wavelet packet transform (NWPT) can be used to model a response time series, Ø, in terms of an explanatory time series, Ø. The proposed computational technique transforms the explanatory time series into a NWPT representation and then uses standard statistical modelling methods to identify which wavelet packets are(More)
We consider the testing problem in a fixed-effects functional analysis of variance model. We test the null hypotheses that the functional main effects and the functional interactions are zeros against the composite nonparametric alternative hypotheses that they are separated away from zero in L 2-norm and also possess some smoothness properties. We adapt(More)
We consider the problem of testing for additivity and joint effects in multivariate nonparametric regression when the data are modelled as observations of an unknown response function observed on a d-dimensional (d ≥ 2) lattice and contaminated with additive Gaussian noise. We propose tests for additivity and joint effects, appropriate for both homogeneous(More)
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