Theofanis Katostaras

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UNLABELLED Informal payments are an ingrained social institution in Greece. In some cases, they are also part of corruption in the health area, which includes a variety of other forms. OBJECTIVE The objective of this paper is to measure and analyze the size and nature of informal payments in the Greek public hospitals, concentrating on payments made to(More)
In this paper, the method of extension is proposed for the calculation of the area under the ROC curve, if only one pair of specificity (Sp0=1-FP0) and sensitivity (Se0) is available. The method of extension is algebraic and is based on the assumption that the ROC curve is continuous, concave, truly ascending and has the form Se=κ0+κ1FP+κ2FP2 in parts. The(More)
OBJECTIVES Aim of this study is the evaluation of the impact of a multimedia CD (MCD) on preoperative anxiety and postoperative recovery of patients undergoing elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC). METHODS Sixty consecutive candidates for elective LC were randomly assigned to four groups. Group A included 15 patients preoperatively informed(More)
There are numerous studies in the literature of anesthesia administered during colonoscopy including various methods, drugs, and monitoring systems; however, none of them has studied whether a university-degreed nurse anesthesia provider (known as a certified registered nurse anesthetist in the United States) is skillful enough to provide safe anesthesia in(More)
To determine the time required for arterial oxygen partial pressure (Pao(2)) equilibration after a change in fractional inspired oxygen (Fio(2)) in intensive care unit (ICU) patients, a prospective study in a 7-bed university ICU was performed. Forty adult patients were examined using sequential arterial blood gas measurements after a .3 alteration in(More)
AIM To assess the changes in health-related quality of life in patients discharged from the intensive care unit (ICU). METHODS At the General University ICU, Trauma Hospital in Athens, 242 patients were enrolled prospectively over a study period of 18 months. Out of these, 116 participants (47.9%) completed all survey components at 6, 12, and 18 months.(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of abnormal eating attitudes among Greek adolescents and identify possible risk factors associated with these attitudes. DESIGN Cross-sectional, school-based study. SETTING Six randomly selected schools in Patras, southern Greece. PARTICIPANTS The study population consisted of 540 Greek students aged 13-18 years,(More)
The effect of ramipril (an angiotensin [AT]-converting enzyme inhibitor), telmisartan (an AT-II type 1 receptor blocker), or their combination on inflammation and lipid peroxidation was assessed in 37 patients with type 2 diabetes who were free of coronary artery disease. All regimens were associated with a significant reduction of C-reactive protein and(More)
PURPOSE A national study to register all working nursing personnel and nursing students; to estimate the nursing needs of the Greek population beyond the year 2000; to design a nursing resource master plan for the nursing needs of Greece. DESIGN First, a questionnaire was distributed to register all nursing personnel. Second, required personnel were(More)