Theodoros Mouroutis

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This paper presents the idea of a batch form of the Hough transform, the Compact Hough Transform (CHT), which aims at detecting locations with high probability of belonging to a shape of an approximate size. The CHT is used in a problem of segmentation of cell nuclei, where the nuclear boundary is detected using a method based on maximum likelihood.
The objective analysis of cytological and histological images has been the subject of research for many years now. One of the most diicult elds in histological image analysis is the automated segmentation of tissue-section images. We propose a multistage segmenta-tion method for the isolation of cell nuclei in such images. In the rst stage the Compact Hough(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a platform for the interconnection of a plethora of smart objects. It has been widely accepted for providing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applications in many “smart” environments, such as cities, buildings, metering, and even agriculture. For several reasons though such applications(More)
Resource allocation and traffic aggregation is becoming a significant part of the network deployment as it is expected that operators will offer advanced services through 5G systems. Scheduling procedures need to be fair but also to handle requirements set for diverse groups of users forming network slices. Heterogeneous networks will need to be controlled(More)
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